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Experts: Cut trees to rescue Nero’s fabled palace

The Associated Press

ROME (AP) — Experts say they’ve discovered how to rescue Nero’s underground Golden Palace from further decay and eventually reopen the ruins of the ancient emperor’s entertainment complex to the public: uproot the trees in the park above it.

Archaeologists and restoration experts said Wednesday that research, including digital simulations, aimed at solving the Domus Aurea’s chronic humidity problems indicates that removing the trees will help prevent further damage. Currently tree roots and rainwater sink into the walls, damaging frescoes and causing parts of the ceiling to fall off.

“It’s a radical choice, but we have to do it,” said Fedora Filippi, director of the restoration effort. “It’s either the roots or the Golden Palace.” [Full Story]

Rome seeks money for neglected cultural artifacts

The Associated Press

ROME (AP) — Rome’s mayor met with a group of foreign diplomats Monday in an effort to raise some 200 million euros ($271 million) to help restore some of the eternal city’s most neglected artifacts.

Mayor Ignazio Marino told the assembled diplomats from around the world that Rome’s cultural treasures should be considered heritage “for all mankind” and asked for their help in creating a foundation to manage cultural sites.

The foundation would oversee the cataloguing of 100,000 boxes of excavated Roman-era artifacts and restore the unkempt gladiator training grounds next to the Colosseum, among many other projects on the mayor’s wish list.[Full Story]

Italian exhibit commemorates World War I Centenary

The Associated Press

ROME (AP) — Previously unpublished World War I images and documents are on display at Italy’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier starting Saturday, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the bloody conflict that many historians say united Italians in common cause for the first time.

The exhibit features images of executions and emaciated prisoners of war that were censored during wartime, as well as notifications for military tribunal death sentences that were posted on the streets of Rome.

It also includes videos, letters and diaries that detail the horrors of trench warfare. “Now we are like beasts that are hunted,” wrote a 37-year-old Italian corporal. “You go to the slaughterhouse without realizing it.” [Full Story]

Have a Seat: A Week-Long Art Salon Is Afoot

The Local East Village

Once a month, an eclectic band of experimental artists assembles for an evening of community, inspiration and presentation. Tonight, the Animamus Art Salon kicks off its most ambitious project yet: a week-long Living Salon at the hybrid bar and art gallery, Culture Fix. Works by fifty artists will line the walls, priced $100 each. Four artists-in-residence will set up makeshift studios, and daily events include a tea salon, movie night, a trendy gem spa, and a poetry “brunch.” [Full Story]

Nevermind the Nor’easter: ‘Summer’ On Clinton Street Tonight

The Local East Village

Forget the impending snow storm: tonight on Clinton Street, it’ll be “Summer.” That’s the name of a multi-venue exhibition of paintings by Leah Tinari, owner of neighborhood hangout Fatta Cuckoo. Her art — along with food, drinks, and music by DJ Vlad & DJ Cles — will be showcased at her restaurant as well as at Kupersmith, and at shops JnrlStr and Blake Scotland. [Full Story]