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Neiman Gallery exhibit travels worn path to ‘House’ of past

The Columbia Spectator


Walking into the LeRoy Neiman Gallery this October might feel like a step back in time to an early ’60s pop surrealist showcase. The exhibition—titled “Fool’s House” and curated by Nora Griffin, MFA ’11—combines tongue-in-cheek conceptual humor with a touch of ready-made workmanship.

The inspiration for the exhibition is a Jasper Johns painting (also called “Fool’s House”) that depicts the artist’s objects (specifically a broom, a stretcher, a towel, and a cup), as if they were actually attached to the canvas. Johns irreverently scribbles the titles of each object with an arrow pointing toward it and incorporates the text “Fool’s House” partially into the composition. The exhibition tries to use Johns’ energetic and slightly devious painting as a taking-off point for, in the words of Griffin, “an endless conversation.” [Full Story]


Christian Marclay exhibit at Whitney Museum makes its own kind of music

The Columbia Spectator


Participating in the artwork becomes possible at the Whitney Museum’s latest exhibit, “Christian Marclay: Festival.” Marclay’s work as an artist explores the intricacies that exist between sound and visual elements, often using spontaneous interactive musical arrangements and found objects to create a unique type of performance art. The exhibit, showing at the Whitney through Sept. 26, pays homage to Marclay’s creative vision with a collection of his pieces and daily performances of his works by noted musicians.

Many of the concepts work like a Dadaist exquisite corpse, linking seemingly unrelated components to form an entirely new and original score, such as “Prêt-a-Porter,” a piece in which models wear clothing adorned with musical notes and musicians play them. [Full Story]