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Smile, You’re On Camera: $800K Security Upgrade at Smith Houses

The Local East Village

It’s official: security cameras are now trained on all 12 buildings of the Alfred E. Smith Houses. The New York City Public Housing authority announced today that it had added 78 new cameras across seven buildings, bringing full coverage to the Lower East Side housing development.

“It already changed the pissing in the elevators, I’m not going to lie,” said William Green, a 60-year resident of the complex. [Full Story]

Boycott Muddies Housing Authority’s Land-Lease Pitch at Smith Houses

The Local East Village

Chanting “Public housing under attack! What do we do? Fight back!”, members of the Alfred E. Smith Houses’ tenants association urged residents to boycott a meeting in which the New York City Housing Authority pitched its plan to lease land to private developers.

Representatives of the housing authority appeared at P.S. 126 last night to promote its contentious new scheme to raise much-needed capital for building maintenance by leasing out parking lots and playgrounds at eight of its developments, including Smith Houses.

Earlier in the day, housing authority employees had knocked on doors to encourage residents to attend, but members of the tenants association said they felt ambushed by the plan and bewildered by a lack of communication with the housing authority. [Full Story]