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Big Sur

Above Live

A video I edited about life in Big Sur, California

Director: Derek Peck
Director of Photography: Hiawatha Bradley
Editor: Kavitha Surana
Color: Winnie Cheung

Hug a Tree, Raise a Glass | An Earth Day To Do List

T: The New York Times Style Magazine

April 22 is Earth Day, so whether you’re looking to solve global warming or are just now getting around to buying a recycling bin, here are some ways to get down to earth and give back. And there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun while doing it!

1. Earth Day Garden Walk at Wave Hill
If you look closely, you can already see the flowers budding in Central Park. Escape from the urban jungle to Wave Hill’s Garden Walk in the Bronx and delight in the profusion of bursting tulips, magnolia and cherry trees when you take a guided tour of the grounds. There’s also a free children’s recycling craft project. [Full Story]


Great NY parks outside the Columbia bubble

The Columbia Spectator


Community Gardens

A little off the beaten track, the small plots of land squeezed between apartment buildings that make up the Alphabet City Community Gardens are charming and enticing—and maintained by neighborhood residents. On Sixth Street between avenues A and B, there are two particularly private-seeming gardens that do the trick. Grab a picnic table at the large Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden and relax for a lunch al fresco. Bonus: The residents who maintain the garden often stage events such as musical performances or art workshops there. Down the street, the Creative Little Garden is smaller, but the perfect place to escape to sit under a tree and read a book. Students can appreciate unique touches such as eccentric statuettes and bright red lilies and begonias decorating the garden path. These are only two of the many gardens in the area. Leisurely wandering through these spots can be a romantic way to explore a lesser-known area of New York. For Columbians dead-set on going to a particular garden, be sure to check the Gardens’ website for opening hours before going. Otherwise, students should go on the weekend, when the gardens are most likely to be open, and spontaneously see which “secret garden” they stumble into. [Full Story]