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Bars with a cozy vibe and seasonal drinks spike up dreary winter nights

The Columbia Spectator 

As the temperature drops so too does motivation, but Columbia students still brave the elements on cheek-numbing nights to seek out drinks and nightlife. Roaming around the city on a windy night gets old quickly, but fortunately there are a few go-to places around town certain to keep a student warm—and sufficiently sloshed—all season long.

Without going far, Columbia students can indulge in Maple Butter Apple Cider spiked with rum at Community Food & Juice (2893 Broadway) or sip mulled hot wine at Vareli (2869 Broadway). Those willing to venture further afield, though, will find a variety of hot drinks and seasonal atmospheres downtown to pique their interest. [Full Story]

Alcohol education at single-spirit bars

The Columbia Spectator 


All Columbians, whether they participate or not, become familiar as freshmen with the college practice of downing shots of cheap, pure alcohol. For many, this is the first introduction to the burn of vodka, tequila, and rum. While reckless college drinking might be the norm, by the time students reach their senior year, many are looking to expand their perspective on alcohol with more grown-up selections.

To aid their exploration, a wealth of bars have popped up around the city that seek to specialize in more esoteric liquors. From New York’s newest Mezcal bar to the well-established Russian Vodka Room, students can increase their alcohol IQ by checking out the variety of flavors available at bars that dedicate themselves to the proper execution of only one type of alcohol.  [Full Story]

‘Bring Your Own Food’ bar trend aids student appetites, budgets

The Columbia Spectator


Students have probably heard of BYOB (bring your own booze), but what about BYOF? The concept of “bring your own food” to bars has great potential in a city of foodies, creative cooks, and starving college students, but the trend still hasn’t hit its stride.

BYOF seems to have arisen for a number of practical reasons. Sometimes patrons at a bar get hungry. Sometimes bars don’t maintain kitchens. So the bar keeps a selection of menus and encourages clients to order delivery from nearby restaurants or bring food from home. [Full Story]