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Downtown trend infuses soul into the weekend dance party scene

The Columbia Spectator

Weekend festivities at Mel’s or Campo are old hat, pretentious downtown clubs are crowded and off-putting, and the Brooklyn warehouse party scheme has lost its edginess. What’s an adventurous Columbia student to do?

The new game in town is something called the soul party. These parties inspired by soul music—from crooning Aretha Franklin to spiced-up Afro-Caribbean and R&B beats and culture—can be spiritual experiences. At the least, they offer the chance to dance one’s heart out. [Full Story]

Chinatown store thinks outside the box with 1’-by-1’ cubes for rent

The Columbia Spectator 


Tucked away on a quiet stretch of Broome Street between SoHo and Chinatown, a new store is introducing a shopping concept already popular in China and Japan to New York. Marketed as “New York’s First Cube Store,” the Shopping Box (360 Broome St.) is slowly making its mark in a city of niche consumers and creative vendors.

The owner of the Shopping Box, Hong Kong native Janelle Fung, doesn’t sell any products herself—she sells space. The shop is covered with boxed-in shelves, white cubes waiting to be filled with wacky merchandise. [Full Story]